With the launch of Facebook Studio, the social network is celebrating short-term thinking and the occasional burst of spending known as “ad campaigns”. Really, do we need more of that?

No, I’m not against campaigns. They have their place as a marketing tool. Practically speaking, they’re easy to plan, easy to grasp for everybody involved, creatively fun, and at the end of the day they make marketers feel like they’ve accomplished something. Also, it makes it easy for agencies to get paid for their work.

However, too often I’ve seen campaigns replace long-term thinking and strategic planning. Let’s face it, thinking long-term makes our brains hurt and nobody gets a pat on the back today for a big win tomorrow.

I think that Facebook can be strategic for brands, but with this site Facebook is sending a signal that Facebook is all about competing for an occasional moment of consumers’ attention.

I would have loved to have seen more examples of how brands are showing their Fans some love between campaigns… That’s the time-slot where brands are built.