Google Plus is hot right now, but neither Google nor its users have completely figured out what to use the network for yet (although 3rd party sites like are popping up to make life easier). Google+ may still go down like a lead zeppelin (or Google Wave). Who knows. That said, here are my predictions on how Google+ may evolve in pursuit of market share.


Google+ Front-end innovations

  • We’ll see new (or new uses of existing) music, video and photo services, both for consumers and content producers, powered by Google’s HTML5 based Wave technology for real-time sharing and communications. Expect Picasa and Google Music to be tightly integrated with Google+.
  • There will be lots of social games, powered by Google Wave technology.
  • Android and Google+ will become tightly integrated, and along with that, many new location-based services (discovery and advertising/commerce)
  • Google+ Circles will become two-way: Right now you can place your friends into circles. This allows you to view aggregated streams by Circle, as well as you can publish to selected circles. I predict that Google will allow users (and businesses) to have multiple circles representing themselves, like sub-accounts. This will make it easier for a business with multiple locations to have a main page and a sub-circle representing each branch, or one circle for promotions, one for brand information, etc. Individuals can set up the same type of Circle segmentation, e.g. you’ll be able to subscribe to a friend’s “recipe tips” but you don’t have to get her Farmville, or Twilight updates.

Google+ Back-end innovations

  • AdWords will become a behavioral ad network as social analytics become part of Google Analytics and the AdWords engine. This will in turn lead to further adoption of the +1 button.
  • There will be ads on Google+, but more importantly, actions on Google+ and across the web via +1 buttons will create new hyper-targeted, behavioral advertising opportunities across all Google properties as well as the AdSense network. As a result Google Analytics become one of the most powerful/useful analytics packages out there (regardless of price).
  • HTML5 grows up and kills of Flash


What do you think?


Sidenote: What is the impact of Google+ on other social media platforms?

Here’s my projection: Google+ won’t kill Facebook, but will challenge Twitter and micro-blog services like Tumbler and Posterous.

As a result Apple (the only major play without a real social offering) will buy Twitter, Hulu and Spotify (before Google or Microsoft does) which as a result will kill off MySpace once and forever.